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Medic Flashcards

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We have a large database of medical flashcards for people to put into their existing decks, or new decks.


Create a Group on your Profile, and add your friends to the group. This allows you to easily syncronise decks you've created with the members of your Group. You will also be able to view the average ranks of the cards from the members of that group. 


Our platform has a ranking system in place for every card, allowing the user to view how other members of their groups have found the usefullness of the information. Every user will be placed into a yeargroup category and will see the ranks that the corresponding users of the same year group have placed on their cards. The ranking of cards will have a score of 1 (No Need), to 4 (Vital).

Why use ranking?

  1. Allows quantification of how your peers value the card or information on it.
  2. Filtering your card review by the card Ranking. This allows you to view only cards that you or your Groups have ranked as valuable information. (Coming Soon)

How do you use ranking?

Whilst it's ultimately up to the user, people can on the whole ignore the ranking process by quickly tapping 2, SPACE BAR, or RETURN to give a rank of "Need". It is only when the user finds information in their deck that they feel needs to be more or less important to their learning, that they should rank it accordingly.


You can create Decks on the Search page, when you type in youll see a list of the decks you already have. Sub decks are denoted by a double colon ("::" ). For example "Deck 2" being a subdeck of "Deck 1" will look like "Deck 1::Deck 2". To create your own sub decks in browser, use the "::" symbol, Eg. "Deck 1::<new Deckname>"


You can create Cards on the Search page by clicking "Create Cards". But with our large collection of pre-created cards, it is often worth searching for existing cards in the database. You should do this becase:

  1. Pre-existing cards will already have a ranking attributed to them.
  2. The information will be phrased in different formats, which will improve card-learning over card-recognition
  3. It is quicker to add pre-existing cards than creating them.

Reporting Cards

For reporting cards, it's encouraged that you say why you are reporting it, be it "Repeated information", "Badly written card", or "Incorrect or misleading information". We will review each report and card to decide whether to remove or update the note.

Sharing Decks

The accompaning link on the Groups that you have created, refreshes every week. Use this link to share your group with your friends, once they click on the link, they will be added to the group and have access to the decks shared within the group. Clicking the "Update Decks" button will add those decks


We've created an addon which functions with both Anki 2.0 and Anki 2.1. The addon code is: 1687506559. The addon allows you to;

  1. Synchronize your decks with your decks online
  2. Keep ranking cards into "No Need", "Need", and "Vital".
  3. Filter the Rankings you've assigned your cards (Coming Soon)
  4. View the average Rankings assigned by your Group. (Coming Soon)

General Queries

Email me at and I'll get back to you ASAP!